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Thank you Janey

What a wonderful surprise. Janey Johnston hand delivered a beautiful mosaic sign she made for our bike stands here at the Hub today... hours of work and a wonderfully happy and colourful sign now attached to the fence behind the stands. Thank you Janey! Photo: Janey, her husband Rob and Alicia (Hub Booking Officer) attaching…
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Architecture NZ

Wonderful to see the article of the Hub in the latest Architecture NZ magazine. We are told everyday by people entering the building how much they love it - its light, modernity and interesting features. It was special to see this professionally confirmed in the magazine. Click the image to enlarge
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A great start for our Commercial Kitchen

So wonderful to see our commercial kitchen being used - Gus Hayden from Augustine is using the kitchen for 10 days to make his gorgeous bottled nice to see such a wonderful kitchen being used so productively!!
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HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! THE WANAKA COMMUNITY HUB is back and open for business. Down here at the Hub we looking forward to a happy and busy 2020! We have lots of exciting things happening down here at the Hub this term- our local Arts Society are running a revolving art exhibition - you are…
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