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Building the Community House

Building has commence for the Community House which will be completed in September 2019.

Supporting Organisations and Sponsors
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Future Tenants

In addition to there being direct financial benefits to a tenancy in the Community House, there are other less direct but positive Benefits to tenants of being part of the an independently run collaborative/shared facility. These include, but are not limited to;

  • A purpose built brand new facility – user friendly, sound proofing, and privacy when required
  • Managerial and reception support for the property and clients, which effectively reduces workload for tenants
  • More shared space approx. 376m2 – for use for informal meetings and staff etc
  • Options on extra space as it becomes available
    eg extra storage, lockers,  car parks
  • Safety and security
  • A lovely external environment to enjoy
  • Save time and money by not having to deal with all of the small but necessary issues; such as phone systems, photocopy maintenance fees, staff room kitchen costs, cleaning, power, heating, security issues, receptionist absence, annual spring clean (the time sorting out these issues -liaising and organising contractors, compliance officers - fire men, sanitary staff etc)
  • Discounts on additional meeting room space – time saved from having to change locations for meetings and set up.
  • The ability to easily liaise with other tenants/stakeholders/users of the facility with ease and efficiency
  • Benefits for clients who require use of more than one service within one location – reducing barriers to services
  • As a tenant group/stakeholder in the facility you will have a say in the running and efficiency of the facility through a tenant user group.

Excerpts from letters of support

“Jigsaw fully supports The Wanaka Community House to be built on the McDougall Street site and believe that such an investment would be of great benefit to the Wanaka community. For years we have seen multiple community groups and services operating from inadequate premises with very little resources. Having such a facility will allow for these groups and services to operate within an affordable budget, collaboration will improve and there will be ease of coordination for service users. Shared facilities will reduce costs for all tenants, provide a secure base to operate from and provide the community with an excellent asset that will enhance the well-being of the overall community. Our service would be interested in having a space in such a development” Jigsaw Central Lakes
“Fortunately we have been provided with the opportunity to be a tenant within the Alexandra Community House and have seen first-hand the benefits of having a community centre that caters to the local population. Not only has this resource ensured that members of the public have easy access to the various agencies and social service providers, it has increased the profile of the these organisations and provided endless opportunities for the numerous agencies to liaise and maximise the potential of sharing resources that is so essential for the sustainability of these services.
We fully support the Wanaka Community House project and look forward to the future opportunities that this facility will provide for our organisation and others, that are committed to the provision of valuable and readily accessible services within the Wanaka community.” Cancer Society

“A community house in Wanaka will offer a vital link to multiple social services allowing them to work in a supportive and collaborative environment enhancing community health, well-being and connectedness” Volunteering Central

“I think the proposed building would be a great asset to the local community as an additional performance space, work space and a sharing of resources for many community groups. We give our general support for the Community House to be built on the McDougall street site as this will be a central location with good parking facilities” Festival of Colour

“The Wanaka Community Board has voted to support the Community House project in Wanaka.
We appointed a representative to sit in on the meetings and provide us with effective liaison. We also have good dialogue with members of the Trust who keep us well informed with progress.
The Board sees a Community House in Wanaka fulfilling the beneficial role of bringing community groups together in one site where they can combine resources and enjoy quality facilities”

“The Prime Timers would like to offer support to the building of a ‘Community House’ in Wanaka. As we are an organisation supporting the elderly within the Upper Clutha we see a definite need for the facility here. We would be interested in using the facilities for home meetings, office and storage space and as a drop in centre for elderly people…. The proposed location in McDougall Street means it’s easily accessible for the majority of people in Wanaka and it has flat access which is very important for elderly people” Senior Citizens trading as Prime Timers

“LWSI would like the opportunity to provide a unification of music teaching services within the community at the Wanaka Community House and offer a safe, welcoming creative zone with regular affordable access to instruments and tuition. WCH would provide a facility for musically inclined youngsters, rangatahi and adults of the local area. We fully support the concept and location of the proposed Community House and are excited about its potential to raise the community involvement and productivity within the creative industries”. –Lake Wanaka Sounds Incorporated